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Buy local! $30 gift card for only $25

Buy local! $30 gift card for only $25 Buy local! $30 gift card for only $25 Buy local! $30 gift card for only $25

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 Shopping small and local were things that I gravitated to and did as often as I could. Over the last few months this became increasingly meaningful, and now I have an entirely new and beautiful perspective on how I shop. 

People, animals, plants  - EVERYTHING - holds energy. All of these things effect you. Being in a state of healing the past year has made me intensely aware of the energy around me. Always being an ingredient reader, the one thing that isn't put on labels is who made the item I'm using. What was it's journey to get into my hands? THIS is where small and local mean so much more. I can not only talk with the maker, but know their intention behind the product - be it either a healing balm or a watercolor painting. Knowledge is powerful.

With all this being said, I am scaling down my shows and focusing on creating pieces with the same loving and healing energy that I strive to surround myself with. And with my bracelet workshops I'm allowing you to set the intention of your own pieces as well!

Much Love!


Quality Candles and Refills

Food grade soy wax, 100% cotton wick, and phalate free fragrance oil. Nothing more. You will get a consistent, clean burn from all of my candles because I use the same materials with every batch.

Empty candle containers that you love? Burn through candles too quickly and it's getting expensive? Let me refill them for you for as low as 75¢ per oz.


Essential Oil Bracelets

Set your intention for the day by choosing gemstones to match your purpose and adding essential oil to motive you even more!


Bracelet Workshops

 The hardest part of making my essential oil bracelets is that each bracelet is unique as each one of you! So.... I've created a workshop where you can make a bracelet that suits you perfectly! All you need is a group of 4 to 12 people, around 3 hours of your day, and an area for me to set up! 

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Welcome to the burn bowl release

Fire ceremonies have always come natural to me, and are so simple - yet powerfully cathartic. There's no manual Im following or rules to uphold. Every few days I will create a space to release what is no longer needed, and I would love for you to join in. I have created  space for this on Instagram @burn_bowl_release