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The Burning Bowl ceremony is a kind of fire ceremony that has been used in various traditions for untold number of years. It involves writing the negative conditions that you would like to release from your life on a piece of paper, etc -  then burning it in a vessel, allowing your ailments to be transformed into smoke and help clear them away. The purpose of the ceremony is to release old patterns, beliefs or experiences, or anything that impedes you from realizing your true self. By sending the old unwanted conditions up in smoke, you clear the way for beginnings.

I have created a separate space on Instagram and Facebook @burning_bowl_release to create this magic. It would be wonderful if you would follow the accounts as well as share to those who would be interested.

How it works - Super simple. DM through the above platforms, email or if you want to keep it anonymous - message me here. Write a word or short phrase of something you want to let go. If it’s too personal, write your name or even initials so I can at least involve you in the ceremony. 


When the burning bowl release is complete, I will post a video and comment on anything special that happened that I feel like I should pass along to everyone. 

Much Love – Let’s do this!!!


Feed coming soon

Let it go!